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Taxicabs and their respective drivers have often received a rather unflattering stigma as dangerous drivers driving dirty cabs. Many people also believe that a taxi ride is too expensive no matter the length of the ride. This is why 668 Mtk Taxi LLC has committed to being the premier taxi in Montauk, NY. We want to break all of the stigmas and exceed every expectation you may have when riding in one of our taxis.

Each of our drivers is fully licensed and has years of experience to draw upon to ensure your cab ride is both reliable and relaxing. Our drivers work very hard to provide a timely arrival each and every ride. Whether they memorize the quickest routes and heavy traffic patterns or know which roads to avoid because of construction, they do the extra work so you can sit back comfortably and enjoy the taxi ride experience.

Our services make riding in one of our taxis as convenient as possible. We can pick customers up from their homes and drop them back off. Local pickups and destinations are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so when you need a ride we are always available. We even cover long distance drives to the major airports and larger cities.

668 Mtk Taxi LLC also offers chauffeur services which of course has become quite popular with executives and wealthy businessmen and women in the Hamptons area. Our taxi service is also a great option for quickly getting you home after parties or other social engagements.

At 668 Mtk Taxi LLC our transport services have been tailored to fit each customer’s specific needs. With affordable rates for every trip, 24-hour availability, and unprecedented reliability, we hope to drive you safely one day with our taxi services. Give 668 Mtk Taxi LLC a call today, and let us break all of the past stigmas of taxis with one of our safe and reliable rides.